At Burton Mayers Books, we are always on the lookout for new talent.  We love talking about books and story ideas, or exploring book projects for a charity or a business, or seeking solutions for your degree major or doctoral thesis.

We have a very simple submission process, but you can also just reach out to us using the contact form.

We are happy to look at postal submissions but you will need to include prepaid postage if you would like materials sent back. Our address is:

Burton Mayers Books

39 Greenway



SG17 5BN

  • Please include a 1-2 page synopsis of you book or project

  • DO include a page about your: job, hobbies, previous work, interests

  • INCLUDE up to THREE chapters.  You can submit the first three or a selection, that's your call

  • Supply ANY concept work or mood boards that you think add weight to your submission (but only if you want).

  • A FIVE WORD pitch, ideally include this in your subject line.

  • DON'T just submit a full manuscript

  • We will acknowledge all submissions or requests personally.

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