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Liz Noble

Liz is always working on new projects, either graphic design work for a client or a friend, or sketching ideas for a new Osmond the toad adventure.


In 2019, she published her first children's book, Osmond the Toad.  She has been working on a follow up novel since: Osmond Tidies Up, but she has also been developing other short story ideas.  

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Liz Noble is currently self-isolating and unable to be with her daughter during the Coronavirus lockdown, due to having underlying health conditions.  During that time, Liz wrote this heart-warming tale about how to stay safe during a pandemic. 


You can read the free ePub version by clicking the Smashwords image or clicking here, or download the .pdf version by clicking the button on the left.


Here is the synopsis: Dug the Worm and Osmond the Toad are the best of friends. When Dug gets poorly, Osmond must do all he can to help Dug recover and protect the other pond creatures from catching the virus. With important advice about how to self-isolate, told through simple narrative and fun illustrations, Dug Gets a Bug is a must read short story for nature lovers of all ages. By Liz Noble, author of Osmond the Toad

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