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self publishing options

If you want to get your book published, we can help.  Even if we choose not to take your submission further along the indie-publishing route, we can still offer you a variety of publishing options:

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Contract Review

We are currently focusing mainly on traditional submission enquiries and not looking to take on any self published titles at present.  The options below were fixed, but some options can be adjusted, e.g. eBook formatting, to get the best deal for you: the author and your needs. Please note, we still have a standards criteria and books will be under the BMB Visage banner.  

If you are looking for this service, we will update your when this becomes available again. Please get in touch.


Standard Package

This works best for authors who want to test the market with a book idea and can't wait any longer, or perhaps they seek to publish a story for a loved one - where becoming a best-seller is not the main goal - but having that sense of achievement of being able to share a published book with loved ones, or friends or groups, is.  It also works well for researchers or doctoral students who want to publish their thesis but don't expect a Nobel Peace Prize.


You get your book formatted (up to 70,000 words) for publication as a paperback, including basic cover design.  This also includes an ISBN, a free revision, an electronic and hard proof copy, and 10 copies of the book (this includes the six legal deposit units). You also get 65% of net profit of each book sale.

currently not available

Author Package

This is more suitable for authors who want to maximise their exposure and discoverability across different book platforms.  You get the same as the standard package, plus: Kindle and eBook formatting included (this includes an ISBN for the eBook also), a bespoke cover design and two social media banners to help you promote your book. You get 75% of net profit of each book sale.  This offers great value and is very competitive.

£499 normally £549

Auteur Package

This is for authors and illustrators who want a high-concept product that they can market and sell to a specific, targeted audience.  You get all of the above plus: a marketing plan and an extra 5 copies of the book to send to specific reviewers. You also get 85% of net profit for each book sale, which is very generous. 

£599 normally £699


All of our self-publishing packages require a £99 deposit to secure the ISBN and start work bringing your book to life, with the remaining balance due after the book has been completed and contracts are signed.  We also offer proofreading services, with prices ranging from £5 per 1000 words.  We are fortunate enough to partner with Clued Up Publishing who are a local publishing company and can assist our authors.  We expect all self-published work to have gone through some type of rigorous proof-read or grammar service; it is detrimental to us as a company to publish poor manuscripts or work that is deemed offensive or in bad taste.  We reserve the right to refuse to publish books for this reason.  Books will also be printed under a Burton Mayers imprint to distinguish them from our independent titles.

Doctoral Package
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