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Dr Pam Jarvis

Dr Pam Jarvis is an author, chartered psychologist, historian, researcher and grandparent. Originally from London, but based in Leeds since 1986, she taught and researched across community education, schools, colleges and universities between 1994 and 2019, and has recently published her first novel, entitled 'On Time.'

She has published many academic articles, books and chapters over the past twenty years, including the best sellers 'Perspectives on Play’ and ‘Early Years Pioneers.’ She is currently working on a sequel for 'On Time' and on research relating to the history of mothering.

She is a prolific blogger and journalist, publishing initially as a Huffington Post Blogger, and later creating her own blog ‘The Psychological Historian.’ She regularly publishes as a Bylines Citizen Journalist.


She has written for many professional education, psychology and early years publications, including The Times Educational Supplement, Early Years Educator and The Psychologist.  You can order her books here.

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