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Jude Gwynaire

'I finished my first novel at the age of fifteen. 'Mr Clef's Psychedelic World of Music', was heavily influenced by the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, and even had accompanying music. Although it wasn't published, I still have a rejection letter from Fontana Paperbacks, which gave me enough encouragement to continue with my writing. 
My latest novel, a children's/young adult sci-fi/fantasy entitled 'Celeste and the Witch Garden', is a distant relative of a fantasy website project I created twenty years ago called 'Aliens In My Garden'. My son, Aaron, who was about ten years old at the time, created a range of colourful clay models (aliens, witches, wizards, trolls - and a whole host of other fantasy characters) that I photographed in my back garden, and around which I created stories. Many characters had their own page on the website. It was a great father and son project, and we still have all the models in the loft. I tried to get one or two film companies interested in the concept, and did receive one positive reply from the USA. Aaron is still very creative, and has a computer game coming out soon called 'Neyyah'.

Portrait 3 Autum.jpg

Back in the present, it's been great working with my present publisher, Richard Mayers, who has helped me bring Celeste and the Witch Garden to market. From February 2023, the novel will be available in paperback and on Kindle. Thank you to Toby French for an amazing cover. I'm already working on a sequel to Celeste and the Witch Garden, and also an adult sci-fi thriller entitled 'The Orb Forest (Where Androids Have Souls)'. I aim to compose a soundtrack for the novel in the near future. Four of the tracks are already completed, and have been released as singles, as well as appearing on my 25 track album, Music From Slate Bird.'

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