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Schools and e-Learning Content

We are fortunate enough to have experience of working in schools and online education.  There are times where a project needs to happen, and fast.

In schools, we worked with The Priory School, Hitchin, to deliver a project that not only promoted the love of reading and writing, but created a platform for collaboration amongst students whilst also allowing the school to raise money for the school library from sales of a book anthology.

CASE STUDY: Darkness & Dystopia: An Anthology

In less than four months, a group of students from across the years came together to create an anthology of short stories.  Using Google Classroom as a platform, the teacher created a community of authors who voted on their genre (dark, dystopian fiction) and then set to work planning and writing.

The book allowed for collaboration between authors and young illustrators.  The entire book is the work of students from age 11-18.  Burton Mayers Books simply gave them a platform, fanning the flames of creativity in students to share their voice.  The cover, illustrations and stories were submitted through classroom also.  Work was then formatted by us to create a 140 page 8 x 5 trade paperback.  The book was listed for £6.99 and all profits from the book go towards new stock for the library.  The book was released on March 5th 2020: World Book Day.  

Overall, this was a fantastic project to raise the profile of reading across the school and is a model we are happy to share with other schools across the UK.  Get in contact for more information. 

darkness and dystopia.jpg

We have worked with educational websites for over ten years.  We host a popular media studies website for A-level revision.  Some of our authors have also worked for the UK exam boards in writing learning materials and exam papers for public examinations since 2018.

We are currently working on a text book for Media Studies Revision at A-level to support students who use the online website and who study the subject.

We understand how Covid-19 has changed the way that students now access and engage with the curriculum. 


If you are an author, or a teacher who wants to develop an effective learning resource that has a text book or revision guide, then we can help you.  Our books are always available to buy from major distributors, including Amazon, and can be produced in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of teachers and learners alike.

Please get in contact for a free consultation. 

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