"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."   

Maya Angelou

Burton Mayers Books are a Bespoke Publishing Company that specialises in helping exceptional authors publish their literary creations. We passionately believe that everyone has a story to tell and that we can help you write, edit, design and distribute your novel or nonfiction work to a global audience through our distribution channels.

We never ask any of our accepted authors for money upfront.  We can publish our titles in paperback, hardback, premium colour picture books and the popular Kindle and eBook format.  We work with you, the author, to help you and your book reach its full potential.  Read more about our services and ethos here, including self publishing options for writers and illustrators who don't meet our criteria.

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We are an independent publisher and we are growing our talent pool.  We saw excellent growth in 2020 with five new titles, including a mix of established and new authors debuting their books.  We are currently producing several new titles for 2021, with more queries coming in on a weekly basis.  Our passion is to help you tell great stories and get them in front of the right audience.  Take a look at our author list and books on this site, but for up to date info, see what we're doing on Twitter...

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"Inside each of us is a natural born storyteller just waiting to be released"




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